Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December the First

Damn that came around fast!

Twenty-five days until Christmas.
Twelve days until my birthday.
Five days until Breezy's birthday.
Four days until Bon Jovi in Wellington.
Three days until K's birthday.
Two days until Chrissy arrives for four days.
One day until the All-day school trip with Squealers class.

So I guess today is the day.

Today I need to bake for Breezy's birthday  -and because I actually want cupcakes etc for her birthday - I'm going to freeze them. I have accepted that when it comes to rice bubble cakes I will need to make double - because the chances of keeping everyone away from them - as they sit and taunt them from the fridge - is nil.

I'm not entirely sure what else I need to do today - I shall refer to my list!

Was planning on having the icing picture made for Breezy's cake - but she's changed her mind about what she wants. So I'm rather glad I didn't take the pic up to the printer yesterday. I have time to get the icing printed so will discuss this further with her.

That's all from me - a million things await me and it's not even 7 a.m. yet!

Ohhh and one last thing.

The Ellie Conway Christmas story is up on the short story page or you can click here. Please heed the warning (unless you have read terrorbyte!)  If tomorrow never comes 


Karen from Mentor said...

Happy almost birthday Cat. I believe you can celebrate it all month long. Pretty sure that's the rule for 2010.

*checks the rule book*

Yep. Chapter 3, paragraph 12 "Cat Connor may celebrate her birthday for all 31 days in December"


BIG hugs!!!!


Cat Connor said...

Oh i like that... and can I have cake every day too? :)

Check that rule book!!

Karen from Mentor said...

It says yes. But you must alternate flavors.
Except on Wednesdays. Wednesdays are anything goes days.

I see you...

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