Saturday, November 13, 2010

But wait there's more....

There really is...

It's Saturday and again not a normal blog day after an interrogation but today - again - is a little different. (When it happens twice is it the beginning of a pattern?)

I woke up to another awesome review, this time in Women24. Seriously, good shit! :)

Also I would like to alert you all to a fabulous interrogation that will take place on my blog on the 20th of Nov.
If you don't know who Lorenza Ponce is, then obviously you have not been paying attention here!! Let me just fill you in... she is the most talented and amazing violinist. And of course Breezy's favorite singer/composer.
So - you can meet Lorenza here next Friday! And she is pure joy.
Breezy wearing one of the new Lorenza Ponce tee shirts.
Breezy with her copy of Soul Shifter.

Now I must go to the stupidmarket before the crypt keeper let's the relics out....

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