Sunday, October 3, 2010

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Or perhaps just stole them from my finger tips?

How ever it happened, I've spent the last four days not writing. This is not such a great place for me to be. BUT - I have had a fabulous weekend. (more about that shortly)

Finishing the fourth Conway book was marvelous. Nice to have six complete Ellie Conway novels - two out (killerbyte, terrorbyte)one coming soon (exacerbyte), and three to be going on with (Flashbyte, Satellite, Ethernet - the last two will probably be renamed to something-byte).
I was thinking that maybe I'd have some time (before next round of edits for book 3 come back from best-editor-ever) to spend polishing the one solitary NEW ZEALAND set thriller/spy novel that I've written. Maybe.

Funny how I can hear Mac saying, "Maybe's ass."

Might be time to make it shine - and let it breath a little. But am thinking that all depends on whether Ellie will let me step away from her stories for a while. Already I've got ideas for book 7.

So anyway --
Last night we celebrated Rosanne's birthday (Otherwise known as Admin One) - two weeks late due to Rose and Megan holidaying up north but still we celebrated. (It was in fact best friend Chrissy's birthday yesterday but she can't make it up until labor weekend!)

We ate, we drank, we got shot with BB's, we had a MacGyver cake.
What could be better?

Good friends, good fun and so much laughter. Really - awesome night.

Lot's of pictures were taken... some were shared.

And some are simply priceless:
Rose did love her MacGyver coasters from Tim and Dionne!

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