Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sometimes people surprise me

And sometimes they really don't... but let's concentrate on surprising things especially the ones that make me smile.

It's Wednesday. Nothing terribly remarkable about Wednesday except Castle and Human Target are both on tonight. (Double joy for me.)

I haven't been writing. Seems I'm taking a short break. Not undeserved by any means - but unusual. I don't often find myself not wanting to write. Especially when a new story idea cropped up last week. Right now, I really don't want to which means it's better if I don't. I'm pretty sure I'll be back into it by the end of the week -Wednesday nights are usually quite inspiring.

What made me smile today? Well twitter did! :) A bit of a confession - I'm kinda becoming a Twitter addict. I really love it and for someone who truly could not see the point of it to start with, that's kinda big.  It's fun. I've  *met* so many awesome people - people who do stuff like this....

Bought a (kindle) book. You can too! Think best paperback kiwi price is  but check w @

 Claude Bouchard 
I'm reading "Killerbyte" by @ and it's "really, really good"!! :)

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