Monday, October 4, 2010

Some days the only question worth asking is...

What would MacGyver do?

I find myself quite often asking that question, and not always when I'm writing.
Someday's the answer is obvious - and requires a piece of string and a paper clip. (or sometimes a raw egg, or even gum)

Other days it's not so clear.

It's Monday - murky is the best way to describe this particular Monday. (Not the weather though, oh no, tis sunny and lovely out.)
Monday's are weird days. It's still Sunday for a lot of you... makes for a quiet day, less email - less twitter chatter - less everything really.
I'm over it already.

I managed to capture a short video of Breezy last night - being typical Breezy. She's hilarious and great entertainment.

So to brighten up your day - enjoy!

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