Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now I remember...

Why I use my iPod and not my laptop when I listen to music while I'm working. The laptop speakers are utter rubbish. Of course iPod is charging downstairs on PC. Bugger!

Got a nasty fright earlier - seems we've used 80% our broadband allocation and we've still got ten days to go before it rolls over. Not quite sure how we've hoovered through 36 gig but apparently we have. Guess I won't be watching the episode of NCIS I missed on Sunday night, this week! (That's just poos, was looking forward to that too.)
Am suspecting massive YouTube viewing happened and maybe some 'TV on Demand' without asking permission first... not to mention the untold freaking updates that came through. Seems that everything updated all at once.

Have the urge to write this afternoon, not sure if I'll act upon it yet though. (This is not writing.)

There is a scene in the fourth book that is beginning to demand my attention. I knew if I let it sit for a bit the areas that need work would surface by themselves. And they are.
Still resisting the urge to peek at edits for EXACERBYTE. No point getting stuck into those at this stage. I write fast. And no one is ready for it yet.

I'm in a weird head space at the moment. The urge to write is strong. The urge to edit is equally strong. Plus there is the feeling of things working in the background, stuff that may become apparent later in the week... meanwhile it's kinda exciting. (Especially because I have no idea what it is, just that it's something.)

On that note... I'm off to fiddle with some scenes in FLASHBYTE.

Take care out there xx

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