Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Not even music can help this one!

Today is one major suckfest  fabulous day.

That's right. It is.

I managed to write an entire new chapter - wanted to add a chapter to Flashbyte (which no doubt you will remember I finished writing last week... yeah, good.). So, anyway, I wrote the new chapter - it's pretty awesome. I love my new character. Rowan reminds me of someone, can't quite put my finger on who... lol. No, you will have to wait to see if he reminds you of anyone.

In the middle of the suckfestiest best moment ever I dragged my ass over to Backspace and ranted/vented/spewed forth about my irritation  shared my joy. Because, there it is safe. Truly safe. The only people who can read it are members and well, they're all writers or professionals in the publishing industry... and a lot of them have known me a long time. They know I am insane. They get it.

What I wish - is - that I didn't.

Well that and that people who borrow my books from others and then report back about how much they loved them would go buy them.

Not looking at anyone in particular... except that chick over there on the sofa, yeah you in the green. And you - buddy - with the striped hoodie on. Oh yeah, and the guy in the corner with the baseball cap.

 I deleted  most of this blog because y'all don't get it  I'm over it.

Excuse me a minute while I say hello to all the hundreds of blog visitors I've had today.
I need to learn how to welcome people in a lot of languages. Let me try... okay, this could get messy. If I miss anyone - just let me know! :)

hello, γεια σου, Guten Tag, dia duit, hyvää päivää, Salaam Alekum, Bula Vinaka, bonjour, tere päevast, goedendag, aloha, shalom, góðan dag, Magyar - jó napot,  namaste,  Dia duit, ciào, ohayoou gozaimasu, choni roj bahshahn,  nyeong ha se yo,laba diena, Selamat datang,  faka lofa lahi atu,  heisann, dzień dobry, Privet! ,  talofa, dobro jutro,  dobrý deň, živjo,  hola, tja, Kumusta po kayo?, Li-ho, sawa dee-ka,merhaba selam,  dobriy ranok,sholem aleikhem...

That being said...

I shall go back to whatever I was doing and I suggest you do the same  I hope you have a lovely afternoon.

Love you long time xx

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