Sunday, October 24, 2010

Labour weekend 2010

Yes I am aware of how I spelled LABOUR. Are you aware that it's Labour weekend here in New Zealand?
That's right it is.

Which means it's a holiday weekend. Have to love those long weekends. This is probably the first one I've actually enjoyed all year, why I hear you ask? Well, because I'm not writing.
Book 4 is finished, EXACERBYTE edits are back and I don't need to get to them this weekend because the book won't be out until next year. (plus had note from editor saying there really isn't much to be done.)

Despite not writing I am finding that smart-assed Ellie remarks and thoughts are prevalent in my mind. Could be because I'm about to start re-reading and tweaking the fourth book, and this is the stage at which Ellie gets free and easy with her smart mouth.

In other news, Husband read and loved EXACERBYTE. So you're all in for a treat when it is released! lol.
He's also about to start work on what maybe the most ambitious book trailer ever.
There will be story boarding shortly - and - then the joy of deciding where to film some of the scenes I dread the thought of him attempting know he's going to want to try. And then the nice chat with local police. Because we're going to need a police presence at at least two of the sites. (Be much better to have them there than have someone call them!!)

For now though I must go make smoked fish pie and get ready for the day. We're all gathering at Admin One's for a day of cooking recipes from our childhoods. It'll be hilarious.
I must remember to get extra batteries for my camera!!!

Be safe on the roads this weekend. xx

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