Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's so easy... well so says Linda Ronstadt

I'm inclined to believe her and I'm not entirely sure what that has to do with this blog, but there is a chance all will become apparent.

Or not.

So today I asked the question "What is it about Mark Valley?" And Dionne pointed out it could be a blond thing... and mentioned MacGyver which lead to Jon Bon Jovi. (Yes I know not everyone would go there from Mac, but trust me it does work)

Check it out: Mark Valley

Lot's to enjoy here, I'm not one for static posed pictures, but in saying that there is this one I rather like of Richard Dean Anderson.

But wait there's more... Jon Bon Jovi:
It's looking very like the blue eyed blond thing is a winning combo, yes? Who knew? Clearly not me or this blog wouldn't have happened. (just quietly... could be more to do with the painkillers for the stinking headache than anything...)

And while I'm drooling hunched over the laptop contemplating bizarre thoughts new characters that may well appear in future books... Dionne did the lunch dishes, cos she's awesome! And is attempting the ditching of cigarettes today... one must keep ones hands and mind occupied. 
I'm sure you can join with me in wishing Dionne much success - if anyone has any dishes that need doing let us know, she's looking to keep those hands busy. :)

Ya know, or not - unless you drop by here a lot, I gave up smoking seven years ago. Not saying I don't feel the urge every now and then, cos I do, I just know I will never ever smoke again. Why? because I don't ever want anything to have that kind of hold over me again. 

And just because I can... 
Really, what's not to like? I think this is one of those "just go with it" things.


Rose said...

I do like your choice of pics... oh and Cat Connor rocks and I can't wait for the next book

Cat Connor said...

With luck we'll have the next book in our hot little hands before we get to the States!!

And if the paperback copies don't quite make it and time runs short, I'm pretty sure I can arrange something! ;)

dionne said...

There just arent enuf dishes!!!!! Lol Uncanny similarity between the lads, a super combo of bad boy gorgeousness does help...maybe the Mac could solve smoking cravings with a bit of gum and a paperclip lmao

Cat Connor said...

I reckon he could if you gave him half a chance! (or at least it would be fun watching him try.)

They're are a little similar aren't they?

I just did the dishes... lol

Story Teller said...

Congrats on quitting smoking, to you and your friend. I realize it's a highly addictive habit, but I so wish everyone would quit. Would make for a much healthier, cleaner world.

I see you...

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