Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"I Get a Rush"

iPod is on. (The blog title might have held a clue... to those of you who listen to Bon Jovi)
I'm working.

I caved and opened the returned ms for EXACERBYTE from my fantastic editor. I spent most of the morning laughing at her smartassed comments in reply to Ellie's smart mouth. I love my editor. She gets me and she gets Ellie. I feel that's vital to a good relationship. After getting to the end of the ms I realize I owe my editor many tissues. I'm considering putting little flags within the manuscript just for her *warning get tissues ready*.

That's not to say the story is sad. Nope not saying that at all. But I think most people will feel the old heart strings being tugged in certain places. Which is as it should be. You'll also be laughing, horrified, angry, happy and really wanting Ellie to win. :) In other words it's well rounded. We like that in a story.

What gives me a rush?
Knowing I have a release date.

See how I slipped that in there? Suppose you want to know when it is now, huh?

March 10 2011

Truthfully, lot's of things give me a rush, but a release date is way up there. Along with hearing from readers, final edits, new covers, writing 'The End', reviews, a new story idea, being able to walk through Ellie's life and write what I see, listening to music while I work. And weirdly, listening to the music Ellie hears and just knowing the answer lies in the lyrics. :)

Have a fan-fuc'n-tastic week. I am.


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