Thursday, October 28, 2010

The day after Wednesday.

This morning I thought I would write a new scene for FLASHBYTE. Because I can and because I was kinda inspired by watching Human Target last night. I must've been inspired because the whole scene was lodged fully in my brain when I woke up. Funnily enough it wasn't an action scene but a conversation between Ellie and Lee. It amused me (Possibly only me) and gives a little more insight into the mind of Ellie Conway - no, not chock full of the usual insanity, just an observation that Lee shares - brave man.

After the scene was done and dusted... I opened the EXACERBYTE file and promptly finished all the edits AND added something to a scene that I'd discussed yesterday with Eric my trusty ED nurse writer buddy. (That's ER for you yanks.)
My editor made a valid point, people learn from novels. With that in mind I slightly changed a scene where Ellie is required to give medical assistance. She did everything right before but now I've added another dimension. Sometimes applying external pressure is not enough. Sometimes you have to get in there with your hands. (You really wanna know?.... March 10 isn't that far away!)

I also added something that will please my husband greatly. It's simply a text message but it's enough to please him. (when it comes to defibrillator use he can take a flying leap but he get's his text message. :))

So, today has been productive. Very productive.

Miss Breezy was home today - due to exhaustion. Yesterday after Kindy she was horrible cranky and horrid unpleasant to be around. Today she's been clingy and chatty. Both things that did not endear her to me. Couldn't use iPod because she kept yakking at me and when I didn't answer she'd grab my arm. I think she got tired of me snapping, "Mummy is working. Hush."  "Mummy is working, go play."  "Mummy is working, leave me alone."

Then I hear a little voice saying, "Can you hug me, momma."
And I feel stink.
Really stink.

Once I finished the edits she helped me clean the bathroom and tidy her room. We read a book and now she's playing with her baby doll. I'm kinda cranky and snappy still. Even though I'm trying really hard to keep a nice even calm tone to my voice I am failing.
Sucks to be Breezy today.

The rest of the day will be better. :)

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