Thursday, October 7, 2010


Just tossing that out there.
In this industry it pays to be bouncy. And for the last few years Bon Jovi's Bounce has been my theme song.

Yesterday when I really could've done with hearing it I didn't. In fact there was no music yesterday. Just a shite load of annoyance and frustration. Okay I was mad. I was mad as hell and looking to kill. But I am over it.
There are good people in the world. A lot of them hang out at Backspace. And a whole bunch more hang out on Twitter, and Facebook.

So as not to make the same mistake again.... I'm listening to Bounce right now.

Today is sunny.

I got an email this morning from someone I didn't expect to hear from and it made me smile. Because it reaffirmed that not everyone is lacking in manners and some people out there still respond to real mail. :) It's a shame that the person (who is the subject of the email) is super busy, but completely expected and fully understood. Would've been freaking amazing quite cool to score a blurb from him. (See how I pulled back and didn't gush? So much will power...)
Here's hoping he gets a chance to read the book once it's out. Might even send an autographed copy to him, just because he has a nice agent.

A friend of mine, Claude Bouchard (a new friend as it happens from Twitter) has named a new character Cat Connor! (And Cat Connor is a tough ex-military chopper pilot... more awesome!!) How cool is that? Immortalized. Woot!! Perhaps I should drag him over here for a quick interrogation? (I know I said quick... and we all know I like to drag it out and cause as much discomfort as possible. *shrugs* It's what I do.)

A wee reminder: tomorrow is the 8th and there will be a fancy fresh interrogation up for your enjoyment.

Love you long time

Cat x

PS. Looks like a new novel is underway... yes, it's a Conway novel. Dang! I hoped it was a short story for y'all but no, feels like a novel. :)

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