Monday, October 11, 2010

7 a.m. on a wet Monday:


Hope y'all are having a fabulous weekend. Ours, here in New Zealand, is over. It's Monday morning. This Monday has been two weeks coming. I'm very pleased to see it - rain and all. It heralds the beginning of the 4th school term.

It's not that it's been awful over the last two weeks, but it is a helluva lot harder to work with kids home. Especially now Breezy is a Club Penguin member - she's always needing to be on my PC. Apparently her puffles need feeding... I happen to know that three of them ran away, so me thinks she's only just got to grips with the fact that they need feeding.

I have spent most of my computer time on my laptop over the last two weeks. Which is good - I managed to hide out in my bedroom and finish the 4th Conway book in the first week of the holidays. Writing wise - the laptop works for me... but all my links and research stuff live on the desktop PC. (and that was the problem)

Today's plan is simple: Get the kids to school and kindy. (we're going to require umbrellas) Hang out with Dionne. Then do some writing and some sewing. And hope the rain stops before we have to trek back to Kindy at lunchtime. :)

I'll catch you all later!

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