Saturday, September 18, 2010

The weeks accomplishments

For all I seemed to shite about and do nothing for most of the week - I did rally toward the end.

EXACERBYTE is now safely back with glorious editor.

250 word thingy (yes that's the technical term) whatsit is written and handed into my beautiful publisher. Go team Connor.

Ellie is back from where ever she goes when shes not telling me stories... saw the Glock on the nightstand and figured she wanted to finish FLASHBYTE with me. She kinda buggered off once I wrote the absolute last page - because we never write out of sequence, and I think it offended her. While she's back I'll make good use of her and get her to tell me the rest of this twisted story. And I really mean twisted.

Planned to have Admin One's birthday celebration once she's back from vacation - which will be on best friend Chrissy's birthday - October 2nd. Am expecting Chrissy to come north for the double celebration. Should be much fun.

I learned to use a audio editing program - that has no instructions. Managed to create exactly what I wanted for my phone ring tones. Oh, yeah, got a new phone. It's pink - so I should be able to find it in my bag... we hope.

Spent ALL day listening to Bon Jovi - quite loud. I love Saturdays when the kids play upstairs on Playstation and leave me to work. - but I haven't really done much work.

I found a doc file I created in April though - it was a piece I thought might fit in EXACERBYTE. About an earthquake in ChCh - seems I did it again. At least it wasn't a crash over the Hudson or planes hitting buildings this time. I won't be using it in EXACERBYTE - it's a bit fresh. But if Ellie and the team ever hit Christchurch again I'm all over it!!

Now to go pour me a glass of Dolcetto. Cos I'm worth it.

Tell about your week...

Love you long time...

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