Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

The day has flown past in a haze of Human Target and writing.
I actually worked harder and longer than I intended today - as a result my brain is damn near mush. Now that hubby is reading TERRORBYTE  - he'll probably understand how exhausting writing can be.

Even so, I plan to play "Stand by your man" when he walks in tonight  -cos I know it'll screw with his head. :)
And that's just how I roll.

It has been a warped kinda day.

Writing days often are, especially my writing days. It's the crazy aspect of Ellie that is so tiring and mind warping. But her crazy makes sense... just not until after I've written it. Sometimes, just sometimes I get a glimpse of where it's going as I write, but usually I am clueless until the scene ends. At that point I read back and go... ah ha!

This afternoon I haven't read back. I just can't do it at the moment. I figure at this point in the story, Ellie needs to bring it all together without me... as nuts as that sounds... I just write what she shows me. I know if I go back over this afternoons work I'll cloud the images I get from her.

Get the feeling she's a separate entity? Yeah me too some days. :)

I'm off... time to do something completely different for a few hours. My eyes are tired, and my head is a tad on the mushy side.

Oh swoon... Human Target is on tonight.

Ya know - I think Christopher Chance and Ellie would be hilarious together.

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