Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is quick cos I'm off south very soon

I've been out this morning and bought a pair of DECENT boots. I know they're decent because I had to sell both kidneys to pay for them. BUT I did get what I wanted. Boots that are as sturdy and will be almost as hard wearing as Doc Martins, completely leather, and really nice!... but I don't need to wear the bastards in for the next year!! Cos Doc's although fantastic suck for at least 8 months while they rip ya feet to pieces. The last pair I had (my only pair) got tossed because getting them to that place where they were finally comfortable was too hard! I walk a lot. I don't have time for that shit and bleeding blisters. I just want comfortable hard wearing leather boots!

So, done!

I'd photograph them but the camera is already in my bag along with the USB cable.

I will have my laptop with me but can't guarantee the ability to check in and update y'all will happen from Christchurch... as it is, I'm just pleased they have safe water again. Seriously the thought of not showering or anything for four days wasn't thrilling me.

I'll be back on Monday night.

Feel free to come on in here and make yourself at home - there is a lot to see and do while I'm gone! There is a new button up there top that takes you to reviews... read, enjoy then buy my books. Don't forget those buying paperback can request signed (personalized) bookplates from me - just email me with your address or DM me on Twitter.

Y'all take care while I'm gone.

Cat xx

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