Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Observations from the sofa

I've been lying on the sofa sick for the last few hours.
Breezy was taking care of me. She covered me in a blanket, went upstairs and brought me down my pillow and offered to get me a glass of water... every few minutes. :)

She's now in bed. Although she did say I should probably go to bed with her as I look tired.

I was looking at the world at the bottom of my blog as it spun... and noticed once again a lot of blog visitors.
Gosh you all come from some exciting sounding places... and yet you are so very quiet. Please say hello!!

Then it occurred to me... if half the people who visit my blog bought my books then I would be able to employ my husband to look after the children, so I can write without interruption! (Of course the spin off would be his impending redundancy wouldn't matter at all! Which would be rather good with the unemployment rate higher than ever.)

So how about it people?
It would be marvelous if you would buy my books  - although I don't know if I have enough book plates for half a million books - but I'd sure love to have that as a problem!!

PS. Worked really hard this morning and wrote almost 5000 words - almost finishing second thread in book 4. Fantastic.


Story Teller said...
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Story Teller said...

Sorry to hear you're ill, Cat. Please get well soon. But awesome work with the writing!

Cat Connor said...

Feeling much better today, thanks Holli!!

I see you...

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