Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My best friend!

I adore my best friend - she's wonderful (completely unbiased when it comes to my writing) and she sure knows how to make me laugh. A few years ago she moved south to Christchurch and has settled into life down there.

Chrissy mentioned this morning that she needed to take over my marketing... I'd missed several opportunities to sell my work while in Christchurch over the weekend. 
This is the perspective from Christchurch in the aftermath of the Big One. 

"Having Cat come and be at one with us during this tragic time has made my life bearable," says middle aged reader.

"thank goodness for Cat and her book. I had a razor poised over my throbbing wrist artery but reading the first chapter made me realise life was worth living," says pyscho

"my copy is drenched with tears of happiness," says weepy of Avonhead

"I risked my life to reenter collapsing building to rescue Killerbyte"

"Earthquake?? I was too engrossed in Terrorbyte to notice until my chimney landed on me"

"I was more moved by the excellent writing than the big one."

And a footnote from my best friend: "they are authentic - I have an LLB why would I lie???"

 We miss you Chrissy. :)

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