Friday, September 3, 2010

Me, on the radio?

Oh dear God!

It's been a most awesome nineteen months... and it's scary to think it has been only nineteen months since this journey began.

It's been busy - frantically so a lot of the time. But good busy!

I'm doing what I love and other people seem to love it too. For someone who is used to pissing people off... having people love my work is kinda unusual. Good unusual, but unusual none the less.

So today - I did my first radio interview. (cos I refuse to count the shitty one I was supposed to do and got up at 3 am for last year... only to discover the radio presenter couldn't use a cell phone??)
This interview was fabulous. I like John Terris. He's nice, he has a fabulous voice and he is a kiwi - which implies intelligence right out the gate.

Listen to Hutt Radio tomorrow - in fact listen to it anyway... 106.1 FM.

I'll be on about 11:30.

A few days ago I did my first written kiwi interview, and now radio.

There is other stuff going on to, but I can't tell you about that yet... just know it's cool and I'm really excited.

Love you long time... mean it.


Janna Qualman said...

Awesome! Good for you.

So you weren't nervous? You must be a pro!

Cat Connor said...

More worried that the Squealer would throw a fit during the interview than nervous. :)

But all was well!! Amazingly the child behaved.

Karen from Mentor said...

Left you a fab comment on the kiwi print interview. Waiting for a link to the radio interview....

Liked the blue glasses a lot.


Story Teller said...

Congrats, Cat! Good stuff.

Cat Connor said...

I just read and commented on your comment, Karen! *smooches*

Thanks Holli - it's just so much fun. :)

I see you...

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