Friday, October 1, 2010

The interrogation of Reed Farrel Coleman

Boy have I got a treat for you! (And if our guest is lucky no earthquake!!)
I'd like y'all to meet Reed Farrel Coleman, author of Innocent Monster (Tyrus Books, October 2010), the sixth Moe Prager mystery, which Publishers Weekly calls “darkly impressive.”  Six years have passed since Moe brushed the dust off his PI license, but when his estranged daughter Sarah comes to him, Moe takes a plunges back into the opaque waters of secrets and lies. Sashi Bluntstone, an 11-year-old art prodigy and daughter of Sarah’s dearest childhood friend, has been abducted. Three weeks into the investigation, the cops have gotten nowhere and the parents have gotten desperate.

How much of you is in your main character?
Moe Prager is a better looking, much braver, less psychologically astute version of me.

Do you have a favorite coffee?
As long as it doesn’t have any silly flavorings in it and it’s rotten with caffeine, I’m there.

Where did the concept for Innocent Monster come from?
I love playing with words and one day these two in juxtaposition appeared in my head. I could not get them out of my head for days and when I thought about the implications of them together, I had my plot.

Walk us through a typical day. (Do you make sure you’re wearing your lucky underpants before you sit down to write, or perhaps you prefer commando? While we’re discussing your underpants, budgie smuggles or boxers…inquiring minds want to know.)
I wear briefs. Putting them on is often the highlight of my day. I drink coffee, read the paper, do the crossword, put on me undies, then march into my office down the hall from the bedroom and write. After about three hours, I go play basketball—in warm weather—come home, shower, write, watch my favorite soap opera for an hour, cook for the family, and write.

Do you ever see yourself writing a vampire story? (Team Edward or Team Jacob … or are you more likely to join me by stuffing your head into a gas oven than ever going to the Edward or Jacob place?)
Christ, I hate vampires beyond all reason, though Charlaine Harris is one of the sweetest kindest people you’ll ever meet. Strange thing is, my son Dylan looks like Edward and when he does his hair a certain way, girls swoon. Go figure! All he needs is sparkles on his skin and to say stupid things like, “Climb on, spider monkey.”  

What’s your preferred medium when it comes to writing – pen and paper, computer, typewriter? 

What’s your favorite type of takeaway?
Pardon my American-ness, but I assume by takeaway you mean take-out food. Right? Jesus, I hope that’s what you mean. I love Indian food and Thai food best. When I’m depressed, Kosher deli always cheers me up. Reminds me of my childhood in Brooklyn.

Describe your current mental status.
Imperfectly sane.

Who are your favorite writers?
Daniel Woodrell, Peter Spiegelman, Megan Abbott, SJ Rozan, Philip Kerr, Don Winslow

Do you ever put pants on your cat?
No, but my wife has had cats her whole life and has dressed them in ridiculous things. My daughter Kaitlin has done some pretty weird fashion things with cats as well.

Are you planning a sequel to Innocent Monster?
Already writing it, Hurt Machine. Book #7 in the series.

All time favorite movie and why.
The French Connection. Perfectly accomplishes what I try to do with my writing.

Do you have any quirks?
Trust me, you don’t have enough time for the answer.

*       *       *

Reed Farrel Coleman has published eleven novels—two under his pen name Tony Spinosa—in three series, and the stand-alone Tower co-written with award-winning Irish author Ken Bruen. He’s won the Shamus Award for Best Novel of the Year three times, won the Barry and Anthony, and twice been nominated for the Edgar Award. He is a co-editor of The Lineup and was the editor of the anthology Hard Boiled Brooklyn. You can reach Reed on his website, Facebook, or Twitter.


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