Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowd...

Good morning!
And yes it is still morning. There is a pattern emerging these school/kindy holidays. Me, in bed with laptop and coffee until I've done with the days work.
The great thing about this is... no one seems to mind. No one bugs me. No one screams, cries, performs... it's working well. It means I don't see the kids until about eleven - well, I lay eyes on them and say good morning, but that's it until I'm done.
This new arrangement has meant an increase in productivity. Averaging about 5000 words each morning so far and no reason to expect that to slow down.
I'm quite pleased. This morning I knocked off a freaking tricksy chapter with good use of smartassedness and even some contrariness.

What's more I had a thought for another book - a story I've been mulling over for a while in my wee head.
You've heard of Stuxnet worm? (Or as I call it Suxnet)
Watch this space.... Diehard 4.0 eat your heart out.

Breaking News: Husband rang from work. Said he's reading this really good book, and is up to chapter six, said it has some really funny stuff which has made him laugh. Some chick he knows wrote it. :D He's reading TERRORBYTE.
Don't think he'll put up any resistance when Flashbyte comes out. :)

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