Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hello Room 14...

Hope y'all having a good day at school.

I saw you here yesterday and thought you might be back.... yes that's right... I SEE YOU.

Hope you enjoy your stay here, make sure you drop back regularly and catch up on the news etc.

In fact today I decided to add another page to this blog and link to the reviews of both books, so you're in for a treat! Cast your eyes upward to the top of the blog... I'm hoping there will be a button that says review up there.
(Guess that depends if the button fairy came, huh?)

At the moment I am working through the last of the edits for EXACERBYTE. I've really finished them all but my editor isn't ready for the manuscript to come back yet... so I'm going over it again - at this stage of a manuscript I'm a compulsive tweaker.

It takes me about 3 months to write a first draft from beginning to end. Sometimes less - I've written a few novels in less than a month. First draft is usually about 75,000 words. The final book is from 90,000 to 112,000.
That's a lot of words and a lot of pages. (And all those words have to make sense!)

I do write shorter works - short stories in fact. There are some available on my blog. Which you can read -but Mrs. Brown should read them first as I write for adults not kids. (Mrs.Brown you could probably read them to the kids just skip any 'language' - there isn't much, and anything unsuitable - bit of death and mayhem... there is no naughty business in my short stories or books!)

If any of you have questions you are very welcome to post them on the blog as a comment and I will answer them.

Scrolling down a little bit will let you see the revolver map - which will show you what city/country current visitors to my blog are in. It will also show you how many people have stopped by this blog in the last year.

Have a nice day!

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