Thursday, September 23, 2010

The day before a new review

It's Thursday afternoon.

Apart from being a little windy on and off, today has been sunny and warmish. Spring has sprung.

The Boy Wonder and I went to town today so he could get a home theater system thingy. He seems delighted by it now that the thing works! Took some fiddling with and a phone call to the retailer.

I found myself at the stupidmarket while we were out, and miraculously came home with the ingredients for Rocky Road.
I shall make some tonight.

Today is a chocolate day. It's a chocolate day because I don't smoke. (and haven't done for 7 years now)
Some days I just need chocolate.

This morning a brand spanking new review was emailed to me. It's for TERRORBYTE. Which made me stupidly happy because I truly love that book.
It's also added hugely to any pressure I already felt to follow both KILLERBYTE and TERRORBYTE with something magnificent - it's quite frightening to discover someone who LOVES my work because that brings with it expectation.
Hence today is a chocolate day.

Tomorrow you all get to see the review.

So tell me... how do you handle the expectation of others?

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