Tuesday, September 14, 2010

blogging or procrastinating?

I think I am procrastinating. A bit unusual for me. I like to just get on with things and get them finished.
Last night I arrived home from the South Island. It's nice to be on solid ground and not feel earthquakes or motion from the Ferry and the car.

My joy at being home hasn't enabled me to get on with any work. On the Ferry I got a heap of writing done. Was nice to have three hours of zero interruptions twice in the last five days.

There are things I should do. I need to finish the edits for book 3 (EXACERBYTE). Oddly enough I don't want to. I LOVE edits. And I don't want to. There doesn't seem to be a lot of point getting everything finished when it will be months before EXACERBYTE comes out. Although the sooner I get it done the quicker I can get a friend in the music industry to give it a quick read and check my new character out.
I'm kinda starting to think about blurbs too. Although that's way premature at this point.

There was an email from my lovely publisher asking for a 250 word piece on me and my work. I don't have the first idea where to start. About ten minutes after I read the email I filed it in the too hard basket.

A good chunk of book 3 is set in Christchurch during the summer time. By the time the book comes out, it will be summer time here. Do I mention the quake damage or ignore it and pretend it never happened?
Some of the buildings Ellie sees were damaged on Sept 4th, some extensively.

I heard that they're going to re-schedule the Ngaio Marsh Award ceremony but not when or where.
Meanwhile I can get my money back for the events that were cancelled over the weekend. Not in a big hurry to do that either.

On the plus side - am really pleased with book 4 - FLASHBYTE. It's twisted and quite warped really but I can finally see where it's going, not how it will end but where it's going.
It's all about secrets. 

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Janna Qualman said...

Maybe it's not premature. Because if you can think on and work now, your time will pass in a more balanced way, and you'll feel better when all the deadlines encroach.

Best with it all!

I see you...

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