Sunday, September 26, 2010

Aniseed hearts, cold cases, the weekend!


Hope y'all are having a good weekend. In case you didn't guess by the intro, this is Ellie. SSA Conway to most of you...

Cat's busy. That is my fault. I've been talking to her all day - and she's been writing. We had some fun. Sometimes weird things trigger old memories.
Sometimes when that happens the link to the present is obvious, other times it takes some uncovering.
This time it took some work. I think Lee and Kurt were beginning to think I had completely lost my mind. Lucky for me, I was right, and I found the one link from past to present. (Didn't make me look less nuts though - I went about it in a particularly odd way... well more an Ellie way... think we have to accept I'm not entirely normal.)
We just closed a cold case. Gotta say it feels pretty good.

By tonight, Cat's going to be exhausted. It's tiring being in my head. Lot's is going on and very little of it seems to make sense to outsiders. :)

I have become addicted to aniseed hearts. This is not good. they taint everything. Even coffee tastes foul after munching on aniseed hearts. I need to stop eating these things.

All today I made Cat listen to Bon Jovi's  'This left feels right' (it seemed to fit... I'm all about employing different tactics to get information - maybe not tactics exactly... after all it's not me who likes water, electricity, and rolling fat men off the roof - but not necessarily all at the same time. Best stop now before I say too much.)

Before I go -
Have you voted for TERRORBYTE's cover in the Covey Awards yet? You should - I've been over and had a look, and it's the best cover! (No I am not biased, just because it's the second book about me... )

And speaking of TERRORBYTE... :)

Try and behave - note I did not say be good... just don't get arrested, I have enough to do!

Ellie x

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