Saturday, August 7, 2010

So you want to write a book?

Howdy you lot,

I love when people ask me what I do. When I say I write suspense/thrillers they usually pause for a long breath. That's if I manage to say it before Breezy does. She likes to tell people first.
She does it like this, "My mum is Cat Connor she writes books. BUY them."
How anyone can resist is beyond me.
It's most often followed by, "MY friend Lorenza Ponce has a new CD out. Have you bought it?" - that's my kid. I'm seeing publicist in her future!

But the point of this wasn't that. The point is... as soon as the words "I write." leave ones mouth one of the following responses is returned.

1. "I could never do that."
- I usually smile and steer the conversation to something they're interested in. :)

2. "I've always wanted to write a book."
- Is trickier. Lot's of people WANT to write but for whatever reason lack the follow through. (Commitment issues?) I'm always torn between encouraging them, and having them turn into a 3 or muttering about how I'm sure they will write when the time is right.

3. "I've written a book, would you read it?"
-You've written a book, that's awesome! If I know you really well, and if I think you are willing to hear an honest opinion, I might consider reading it. It's a big ol' might. If I think you are serious about writing, I will suggest you join Backspace.

4. "I've got this really great idea, will you write it?"
- No. It's that simple. I don't need any input when it comes to my story ideas. What I need is less ideas or faster fingers. :)

5. "I've written a book and am self-publishing."
- Awesome that you've written a book. But I will ask the hard questions regarding self-publishing. Like have you got a REALLY FREAKING good editor? Have you done your homework thoroughly? Do you know exactly what you are getting into? Is this the best option? These days you can self pub via kindle and it costs you nothing. Fabulous! BUT, whatever you put out there in the world represents you. That's right. It does. And it's there for all to see. My advice to anyone considering self publishing (and I know some excellent authors who have self published.) is get a top-notch editor. The worst thing you can do, is publish something - because you can. The product reflects you. And of course then there is the marketing side of things... books don't sell themselves. You think writing is hard? Try selling. :D
I will also suggest very strongly that you join Backspace before self publishing. 


A little input from Breezy.
Breezy and Soul Shifter
Breezy holding terrorbyte


Marisa Birns said...

You are so right about advising anyone who wants to self-publish to think long and hard - and make sure to have topnotch editor, AND book cover designer!

Breezy is adorable :)

Cat Connor said...

Thank you Marisa - we think Breezy is adorable too!

I didn't even think about cover art!! Good catch. :D

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