Friday, August 13, 2010

Not such a Black Friday.

I'm quite fond of Black Friday's. In the past they've provided much amusement. So I didn't expect anything less of today.

It's been mostly good with pockets of hilarious.

But you get that around here.

I spent all morning writing and not being that thrilled with the direction my MC has taken. I don't know what it is about the last few chapters but I do know I HAVE to write it this way. It needs to run it's course then Ellie will be back on track. Could be that so much has happened in her life that she needs to get all her ducks in a row, and now is when it needs to happen. So, I'm going with it until it resolves. (Or does my head in!) Found something surprising happened in the chapter I wrote this morning. So this may affect things further down the line. Might be some re-writing of already written future books to accommodate this interesting twist. Or, it will swing back by itself and just be a background thing in the future... which will mean much less re-writing.
And none of you are any the wiser, but that's okay. :)

Tomorrow - is a day off.

That's right. No writing, however much it will kill me... unless maybe I can squeeze in a few minutes before guests arrive for dinner. Most of the day will be cleaning, cooking, suit and shoe shopping with hubby...

Have an overwhelming desire to grow indoor plants. I used to. My house used to be very tropical jungle like. It seems like it should be again.

So, add to tomorrow's list... Spider plants and pretty pots. :) (and whatever else I find that I feel like growing)

Enjoy the rest of your black Friday.

PS. We still miss ya.

And then earlier this week: Upper Hutt Leader ran this.

And it's been pretty awesome since!


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