Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let me tell ya a little story about a man named Jed...

Nah, you've heard it before.

Moving right along.

So far this week has sucked monumentally. Hubby's job will no longer exist by Nov and the usual drama that loss of that magnitude exudes. Which has lead to one helluva headache and lack of sleep. BUT - it's not the end of the world. (For we all know a movie deal could scream around the corner and slap me with a large cheque. I know - two words sprung to my mind too... Yeah right!)

Then today came a long and a story about me appeared in the local paper. Half a page on page 3 complete with photo and a small photo on the front page leading to the story.
It's pretty freaking awesome.

Rosemary McLennan did a fabulous job of the story. (pausing to wave at Rosemary because Google search will throw this up, and I know its a bit freaky when that happens! Thank you Rosemary, you are wonderful!!)

Tomorrow I will plod up town and see if I can get a few extra copies for folks down south and the boy in London and my lovely publisher in South Africa - yes, Joanie it will come with Pineapple Lumps.

This weekend we will celebrate the joy with a BIG dinner and lots of wine, because quite frankly we've all had a shit of a week and need to unwind.

You all know what to do, right? Buy my books... tell your friends and family to buy my books... tell your neighbor to buy my books. Hell, tell everyone you meet on the street to buy my books. You won't be sorry. They are very very good. :)
It's not just me that thinks so - let me introduce you to my reviews: KILLERBYTE  TERRORBYTE

And don't forget to check out the Amazon and Mobipocket reviews too.

Of you go now... make me proud.


Brooksie said...

Hello Cat, just wanted to say congrats to you for your success so far with your novels! I think it's tremendous you are doing so well and you are quite disciplined to have so much of the rest of the series written already!

Read the story in the Leader today, struck a chord with me as I hail from the state of Virginia, it is my home. I relocated to New Zealand (Upper Hutt) 4 years ago and absolutely love it here. I hope you enjoy your trip to the States especially Virginia! Best of luck for continued success for you, I'll look to buy your books soon :)

Cheers, Brandon

Cat Connor said...

Hey Brandon!
Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for reading the Leader!! :)

Upper Hutt is a long way from Virginia!

Take care,
Cat x

Deborah Harvey said...

Sorry to hear about the job uncertainty. I hope very much that something more secure comes up soon - like a major motion picture! :-D

I see you...

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