Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I hate coming up with blog titles!

I do, I know I suck! But really today I just want to write the blog... not stress about the title. And I can't think of a song to use as the title. So, poos to coming up with a title today.

It's been a freakishly odd week. And I'm delighted to report... AUGUST IS OVER. Honestly was I the only one who found this month to be incredibly long and drawn out?? I was well over it by this morning. :)
Thank you spring for arriving in a timely fashion.

Some coolness to tell you about:

First up - The very lovely Holli Moncrieff has given me a blog award! I am most honored. You should pop over to her blog immediately and wallow in her loveliness. A Life Less Ordinary

And (I know, there's more -it's exciting isn't it??), I was interviewed as part of the Crime Watch 9mm series... and yeah it is exciting, take a gander at the other interviewees when you go read mine! :)

There was something else... umm... no, that's right. Best sit on this one for a little bit longer. Forget I said anything.

For those who are interested: this afternoon I spent a good deal of time listening to Lorenza Ponce's Soul Shifter album.
I love it. What I love even more is that Ellie loves it too... so writing time is accompanied by a lot of Lorenza these days. It's awesome!

Have a good rest of your Wednesday.



Story Teller said...

You rock, Cat. The award is much-deserved. And I love coming up with post titles. Feel free to call on me if you're ever stumped. :)

Cat Connor said...

You will be sorry!! :) Cos I will call.


Story Teller said...

Bring it.

If I can make an exhibit about neon signs sound interesting, I figure there's nothing I can't do! :)

Anthony J Langford said...

Haha - im the opposite. Titles are fun, blogs not so...
maybe we can swap

Cat Connor said...


I see you...

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