Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Announcing the subtle blog changes and other joy!!

Good morning!

I was so subtle with my changes y'all may not have noticed them, [hearing Bowie music in my head now] - instead of having the one blog page... with rainbow links visible to all etc. I have added pages. I wanted to do it AGES ago but couldn't figure out how. The main problem I now have is... I wanted the pages to have less clutter down the sides etc, but cannot for the life of me get back to the place that changes that! (Stuff on main page is fine, just wanted to limit clutter on other pages!)
If anyone knows how, please enlighten me.

So - now we have a page for each published book, a page of short stories (plus amazon and website links - but I think they should be back on main page... lol), Facebook etc on a page, and music. Now - currently that page is a groovy widget for Lorenza Ponce, who we adore. Yes we do. And Miss Breezy likes to sing Lorenza's songs while we're waiting at various places... bus stops, train stations, in the middle of the street. Yesterday she entertained the bus stop with 'Testify'. :)
Sooner or later (okay probably later) I will add other music.
(For now, if you want to find out what music I truly love you can check out my Amazon store, music page.)

For those of you desperate to read KILLERBYTE and TERRORBYTE on kindle - let me help!
And also for those who would like to know and who often ask me... killerbyte is the first book in the Conway series. Terrorbyte is the second. The third will be out late this year - Gods and Goddess willing.

   Weird how one link dropped in lower than the other and back to front!
I now know how many eBooks I need to sell to recoup the cost of rebuilding my broken tooth at the dentist yesterday. It's quite  few, so I'd really appreciate a few sales. :)

If you'd prefer paperback - the links are on your right to Amazon. lol

Or if iTunes is your thing! iTunes-KB  Today I can't locate TERRORBYTE on iTunes which makes no sense, cos it's most definitely there!
If Mobipocket is your thing... KILLERBYTE  TERRORBYTE ...

Make me proud... and I shall reward you with a fabulous new thriller later this year. :)

Now, back to work I go on the 4th Conway thriller.

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