Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday is upon us

And the first thing out of Squealer's mouth was. "Can you find me my inhalers?" That's a great start to the day. Guess that means she has the cold that Chris and Breezy have.
Breezy has gone from croup to a regular cold, which really is a blessing, way less scary having a cold.

The hopes of having everyone well and out of the house for tomorrow are rapidly fading.

Will be fun trying to do a newspaper interview with sick people all over the house. Might have to put up a plague sign on the door and reschedule. NOT. I will shut them upstairs if needs be and spray the house with Dettol.

Bad enough that husband's idiot boss shit-canned his leave application ... and made me going to CHCH in six weeks damn near impossible. Given six weeks notice he apparently cannot cover his job for two days. I'm sure the company (cos no one in Auckland could possible pick up the slack for TWO FUCKING DAYS) will come to a grinding halt if there is no one to run the sales reports for TWO FUCKING DAYS while my husband takes care of HIS own children.

Yeah I'm a bit pissed off.

We all know what happened when I got pissed off at the Postal Service (or lack of service) - yep a book was born. Packages of chopped up postal workers started arriving on peoples door steps. I'm loving Book 4... fully embracing the concept and enjoying the writing. Now seeing that there is potential to start killing off morons who shit-can leave applications for no good reason.
Book 4.5?

I obviously need to spend the day writing. Writing is good. People will die in horrid slow ways and I'll enjoy each death.

Have a nice day...

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