Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Some days you just need to shoot...

Ya do.

You need to pick up that Glock 17 and shoot the shit out of stuff.


Then drink some coffee, CLEAN the house, and shoot some more.

AND then - just cos it's really fun to do... stuff pieces of people into snaplock bags and pack them in a large black polythene bag inside a box. Then add a customs declaration, some stamps, and post the the thing to someone. It doesn't matter who. Anyone will do.
Actually that's not quite true... and maybe you should be careful which hash tags you use in twitter...
Just sayin'

It's been a day.

But you'll be pleased to know the BIGGEST issues have been resolved.
Yay for the Boy Wonder and Yay for hubby getting ONE day off in Sept.

Now - just had a thought. Possibly having a reporter in the house with three handguns sitting on the bookcase... bad?
Not at all worried about the books they're sitting on. I'm sure everyone has books on assassins, weapons, poison, murder, terrorism, body trauma...

It'll go well, I can tell.

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