Saturday, July 24, 2010

So exactly what is an Exabyte?

An exabyte is a freaking headache, that's what it is.

Darling Beloved asked what I was working on - I told him book 4, he asked what I've titled it.
When I said Exhibyte he quickly pointed out how similar that sounds to Exacerbyte. I tried to justify it, but he's right. The annoying thing is... I like the name, and it works for the book.

So I started looking at the other titles. The whole Byte thing is quite the rod for my back! BUT - here's the kicker. Thus far it's all worked... or has it?

Well no, it fuc'n well hasn't.

It would've but for some reason I went TERRORBYTE to EXACERBYTE and it never occurred to me that PEDABYTE should come after TERRORBYTE. (an attack of stupid?)
While was butchering computer jargon during the initial writing...I missed petabyte and jumped to exabyte. Then renamed Satellite as PEDABYTE, and that will not work... petabyte cannot come after exabyte and exbibyte (one of those is going to have to go, and I LOVE them so much, and they work!!)

Look at this list and tell me if you think I can work it, or will people get confused. (They sound completely different, it's just how they look that could be a problem on covers.)

4. EXHIBYTE: could become ZEALABYTE (which would work for the story, in fact better than the original title as - exabyte and exbibyte are VERY closely related, and the stories are not.)
5. PEDABYTE: This has become the odd one out. And now it looks so wrong!! Especially if I use ZEALABYTE for book 4. The original title for 5 was Satellite. It's looking as though I will return to that... and leave the bytes behind. OR... I butcher the language further but this time I twist cenobite for my own purposes. And make it sound like a computer term. CENOBYTE. (a member of a communal religious computer based order or a chat room or a forum?) Now that, folks, is something to consider!

6. ETHERNET:  going to have to rethink that, let's not worry about that one yet!!

Jump in, share your opinion... all comments welcome (unless you're advertising some fuc'n stupid internet get rich quick work from home shite... if that's the case. Go away and never come back.)


Sara J. Henry said...

I'm confused. Terrorbyte and Killerbyte make sense: terror and killer. I get it. WTF are exaca, exhi, zeala and peda? They don't stand alone, they aren't words (at least not in my lexicon) and they are hard to say when coupled with "byte." Why can't you just link a real word with "byte" for your third title, and so on?

Cat Connor said...

exacabate is the real word, I butchered it! Which does make sense to the story.

killer and terror are just plays on kilobyte and terabyte. (then joyful things like - petabyte (pebibyte), exabyte (exbibyte), yottabyte (yobibyte), zettabyte (zebibyte).

hence... I want the other titles to be butchered forms of byte and to link to computer terms in some way!


Karen from Mentor said...

I really like zeal a byte.

*hands cat some cookies*

goes off to hide somewhere....

Cat Connor said...

YAY Karen! I kinda like it too. :D

*Here's some chocolate*

I see you...

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