Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sitting here watching the world go round and round

I can't help it... the globe at the bottom of this blog entices me. Then I start playing with it. Spinning it every which way. Slowing it down, speeding it up... waiting to see if anyone falls off.

So far I haven't lost anyone. I hope none of y'all get motion sickness. Maybe I should hand out sick bags as you come in?

So, it's the weekend. Almost Sunday.

Saturday was pretty freaking fun.

Men folk are away in super secret Area 51. Hope they're keeping warm. :D

I cooked dinner for Rose, Megan and Dionne.. .and the kids. We started drinking Port about 4 pm. That was a good call. Kane came over after dinner... we plied him with Dolcetto. He's pretty easy really... wave a wine glass near him and it's a done deal. We've missed ya Kane. ;-)
We haven't all been together in ages. So tonight was awesome with a capital A. And yes, there will be photos tomorrow. Would be now but the camera is downstairs and I'm in bed upstairs.

Remind me tomorrow - some of the photos looked pretty darned funny on the camera... oh and there is video. No telling what that will be like... ha ha ha

This afternoon I finished another chapter - chapter eight. EXHIBYTE is coming along nicely. Having much fun with Ellie writing this one. There are some fun new elements to work with. REALLY FUN.

Love ya long time...

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