Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It must be morning: the clock says so

Haven't managed to drag myself out of bed yet. It's nearly 7:30 and that's just not done. Usually I am half way through my second coffee by now! I haven't even had one yet. (Not good.)

Birds are twittering outside. That's a nice positive start to the day.

Managed some writing last night. Which may explain my sluggishness now. It was enjoyable writing. I've gone from Noel Gerrard annoying me - to enjoying toying with him. He's quite confused Ellie, and that's a bit of fun in itself.

Ah Breezy is up. I hear giggling.

Hagelrat over at Un:Bound wrote an interesting piece on memorable deaths at Killer Enjoy, I did.

Quite enjoying having an Amazon Associates box thing right here as I type this. Of course now I want to put cute little links on everything. I'm not even listening to music... so I can't in good conscience pop in a music link to show what I'm listening too. Nor am I reading. Although I was recently re-reading this. (I know prepare yourself.... so much fun!)

Isn't that cool?
Very good book, by the way. Quite an eye-opener into the life of a sniper. They're special people. (Not in a eye-rolling, 'gosh you're special way')

Think that's about it for me now.

One more thing.
If anyone is able to snap a few pictures for me of the following places, let me know! Would be hugely helpful to upcoming trailer.

AMI Stadium, Christchurch.
International flight taking off from Christchurch airport. (Esp Emirates or United)
International flight landing in Auckland. (United, American Airlines, TWA)
The front of Oakton High School - Oakton, VA.
United or Air NZ flight landing at Dulles. (Taking off would be awesome too.)
A picture of the gates at The Navy Yard in DC.

I'll leave that with you, for now.

have a good Wednesday!! I'm off to make coffee.

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