Tuesday, July 13, 2010

If it were easy - everyone would do it.

Ellie occasionally has things she’d like to share. So today, I am turning my blog over to her.  

If it were easy, everyone would do it.
By SSA Ellie Conway. (I still think SSA Conway sounds like a ship)

Sometimes I wonder why I do it. Then I remember it’s a vocation not a job. Being always ‘on’ can be tiring and can be downright annoying, but mostly it’s satisfying.

I know my mother never understood my choice of career - but then my mother didn't understand a lot of things about me. (Or anyone part way normal - not bitter at all, it's simply an observation. Sometimes these observations are easier once the ground goes cold.)

Cat's working on a new book. 

I'm working on a new chapter in my life. It's pretty exciting all around. 

Feels like we're moving forward, taking some of the past with us, but only the bits we need not the whole lot any more. 

Moving right along and not wallowing on those we've left behind. 

I heard Cat talking about movies - she wasn't alone. She shared her insight with Joan and Adele.

If anyone gets to play me... I kinda like the idea it would be someone as cool as Marley Shelton. Marley you get my vote! :D

Sam got one helluva kick outta LL Cool J playing him. He reckons LL might just be cool enough. (Lee’s not sure about that… he thinks LL Cool J may be too cool for Sam.)

Admittedly Sam and I laughed a good deal over the whole Michael Weatherly playing Lee, thing. Too hilarious. But only cos it's so close to our Lee. 

From what I could glean this is how the cast list should read for KILLERBYTE (and TERRORBYTE) the Movies.

SSA Ellie Conway - Marley Shelton
SA Sam Jackson -  LL Cool J
SA Lee Davenport - Michael Weatherly
Mac Connelly - Keanu Reeves(y'all sure about that? Dude... I'm seeing it!)

Then comes my fun - wanna know who our SAC Caine Grafton reminds me of?
Bruce Willis, seriously - Caine is Bruce, man oh man he can be one scary teddy bear. 
(Just recently he's been a little more Seagal than Bruce! Get it together Caine, cos really ya wanna go the Seagal route?)

I look at the people in my life and now I see them in a different light.

A much more amusing light. One that will have me giggling all day.

I should get to work... before they start wondering where I am.

Take care y'all, and thanks for having me over Cat!

Ellie xx


Karen from Mentor said...

Oh I could definitely see Bruce playing Caine. Yep. That works for me.

Keanu gets a bad wrap. He has depth ... maybe Mac would be something he could really sink his teeth into.

And Ellie? This makes me happy:

"Feels like we're moving forward, taking some of the past with us, but only the bits we need not the whole lot any more."

Everybody has baggage, it's just a helluva lot nicer when it has wheels....

much love!!!
Karen :0)

Cat Connor said...

Was fun having you over Ellie!

Now can we get back to work please? You were telling me something last night, remember?

Cat Connor said...

Just had a thought (it happens on occasion) MARK HARMON would be excellent as Ellie's dad. Oh my goodness!!!

Karen from Mentor said...

*drools a bit*

um. yeah. could see that. Any chance of a gym scene with both Mark and Bruce?

Nothing graphic...just standing with a towel wrapped around the waist....[in a really drafty room?]

Cat Connor said...

ohhhhhh *drools a lot*

Can someone hand me a towel???

I see you...

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