Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hello, I love you

Of all the Doors songs to have in my head... Hello, I love you! Please! So not what was on my mind... or so I thought. Seems it's what was on Ellie's mind, and as I am currently embroiled in her life, yet again - she's sharing songs with me. Sometimes characters can get a little invasive, ya know?

The other day was Bon Jovi's Thief of Hearts... stuck with me all day. Still not entirely sure what that was all about. Don't thin kit was Ellie that time... but then who knows with her?

And because this the coolest toy since well, sliced bread... these two books are captivating and Sherron makes a lot of sense in them (yes I have them both, although I think Kane borrowed the first one!).

 And there is a reason for this apparent act of unrelated madness. It's not at all unrelated.
Sherron Mayes has a theory regarding the song...on Facebook.
Which caused much amusement on both sides of the world. :-)

I'm so glad we 'met' Sherron. The net can be a groovy place!!

I'll let y'all ponder this...

Here's the thread:

Cat Connor Why oh why have I had Bon Jov's 'Thief of hearts' stuck in my head ALL day? Trying to write here... wonder if it's Ellie trying to tell me something?

Yesterday at 3:51pm ·  ·  · Promote
Dutton Kristofr
Dutton Kristofr
Trying to tell you to buy a ticket.
22 hours ago ·  ·  · Flag
Cat Connor
Cat Connor
All ready got one! Last weekend. :D
21 hours ago ·  · 
Sherron Mayes
Sherron Mayes
That's because you and Bon Jovi have a special telepathic relationship that means he can get you to sell more records by imprinting songs on your mind. You are his psychic publicist lol
17 hours ago ·  ·  · Flag
Cat Connor
Cat Connor
Now that would be cool if it worked both ways!! :D Wouldn't mind if he helped me sell more books.
17 hours ago ·  · 

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