Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's me, Cat... or at least I think it is. (Pretty sure no one else is set to hijack this blog... so it probably is me.)

At the moment I'm over 30K into the 4th Conway book. (remember how 4 become 5, blah, blah...) so anyway... this is book is kicking ass. I'm enjoying it so much sleep appears to be unimportant. Which we all know it isn't... but there ya go. Appearances can be deceiving. Let me entertain you... or is that deceive you? Who can keep those straight? (no, I don't make a habit of listening to Robbie Williams.)

I just finished backing up todays work. It's quite exciting seeing the file grow so fast... such a joy knowing I wrote all those words and so far they make sense - and if they don't quite, they will.
Have some, it goes a long way during the initial writing phase.

So my music choices for this WIP. Oddly predictable. :D
Lorenza Ponce.
Bon Jovi.
The Doors (maybe that wasn't quite so predicable).
Kevin Costner and Modern West.
The Rolling Stones.

I think Kevin Costner is back in the line up because in Ellie's eyes SSA Kurt Henderson is very similar to Kevin Costner, and Kurt is front and center in this particular story.

Some old faces have returned too. Mr. P. and Kev (not Costner) but Ellie's friend the cop from Mauryville. Sam and Lee, it wouldn't be right without Sam and Lee. And some new faces from book 3 - who you haven't met yet, come back as well.

It's fun.

I like to explode things. I like it a lot.
No knives in this story (at least not so far) - but there is fire, there are explosions, there are guns, and lot's of bad bad people. Some would say, boxes of them.

I should either write some more or clean this house!!

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