Monday, July 5, 2010

Down the island and back again

We made it to Monday and home!

On Friday at 6 a.m. we left for a weekend in Christchurch. The Ferry crossing and drive were uneventful apart from some directional difficulties that would've put Mac's lack of directional sense to shame!!
We got lost trying to leave Blenheim. We got lost trying to find the hotel in Christchurch - The Chateau on the Park.
That became the pattern really.
We managed to check in, but then had to take the Boy Wonder to Jo Jo's. In the dark, Christchurch seems flatter and has even less landmarks... if indeed that is possible.
We found Jo's, eventually. But then had to find somewhere to feed kids and our way back to the hotel.
Obviously we got there in the end!!

Saturday morning started badly. I pulled my chair in at the hotel restaurant - the seat was loose, I didn't know that, until my finger became trapped between the seat and frame, under me. Not pleasant. No one filled out an accident report, despite Chris informing staff and asking for ice. (More about that later)

So anyway... we ate, I ate one handed. We headed off to kill sometime in Northland's Mall. I had just brought Breezy and new outfit and myself a fabulous handbag. It's purple and black and shimmers... more about that later and maybe pic.
Breezy was skipping along, as she does, then smack. She flew and landed on the left side of her face/forehead on the floor. The store owner right by us, turned away. (CHCH you suck) I started toward a chemist shop for ice when the head of security came along. He was fabulous. Chris scooped up Breezy and we followed the security man to the offices. He got an ice-pack, Chris did his health and safety office thing. Security man, filled in accident report. (See how that happened, immediately?) Breezy had concussion, badly bruised knee and a weird crush injury to her thumb. The staff in Northland's office were fabulous.

Let's skip ahead to checking out shall we?
Sunday. I went to check out, discovered we were charged an extra $72 for breakfast. Unbelievable. I asked for the accident report from the previous morning. There wasn't one. Crazy. I insisted on there being one filled out immediately. Listened to some lame excuses as to why it wasn't done at the time, got quite annoyed. (Hello, fucktards I'm a writer and YOUR chair crushed my finger, because it was badly maintained!! Something like that SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN in a RESTAURANT.)

I'm sensing a nasty letter heading their way, containing legalese.

AND to top it all off, my camera is playing up - intermittently. A lot of the photo's I needed for the upcoming book trailer are crap.

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