Saturday, July 17, 2010

A blog hijacking...

Good afternoon,
Let me start with an introduction; I am SSA Kurt Henderson. Not only am I an FBI agent I am also a fully qualified medical doctor. I specialized in Emergency Medicine.
I've hijacked the blog due to a little issue I'm having. 

I first met SSA Conway outside the Interscape cafĂ© in Lexington, down in Rockbridge County, Virginia. A woman had collapsed after viewing the contents in the trunk of Ellie’s car. (I almost said after viewing Conway’s trunk.  A slip like that could be fatal.)

Conway and I go back awhile. I’m fully aware of her penchant for contrariness. (Which no doubt she’s forcibly denying. Wouldn’t be Ellie if she didn’t.) An opportunity arose recently, Director O’Hare suggested Delta A travel with medical assistance on hand. Was something I couldn’t resist, so perhaps I will have to visit the psych when we get back?

It’s interesting. The four of us, we get along. We meshed. I did harbor some doubts before I joined the team, they’re a close unit. Can’t seem to lose my suit though. They’re tidy casual. I’m in a suit.

And then, the other night, I overheard Conway talking. I’m not a hundred percent sure she was talking to anyone else. I never saw anyone but her. (That’s not as unusual as it sounds.)
She was laughing, because LL Cool J looks like Sam, and Lee was mistaken for Tony Sharron – the Grange guitarist. (You know that famous band that all the women scream over, right?) Then she says, “I need to call Kurt, Doc. He reminds me so much of Kevin Costner, he’s got this whole ‘Bodyguard’ thing going on. And I’m sure I’ll call him Kev if I have to say Kurt.”

It’s the suit, isn’t it?

It’s the suit.

There are worse people to be compared too.  I’m okay with this. But what do you think it means?


James Houston Turner said...

"Penchant for contrariness" That reminds me of someone else I know.

And, no, I'm not talking about Tony.

Written with your usual wit and style. I love it.

Cat Connor said...

Contrary? Moi? Oh... I think not!!
('Cept on days ending in Y.)

Gotta wonder who is going to hijack this ol' blog next, huh? :D

Thanks for dropping by Turner... was that a tequila you were about to offer me???

Sara J. Henry said...

Cat, you're so lazy - letting other people write your blog for you!

You're contrary? I KNEW we were twins.

Cat Connor said...

I know- I was looking for a way out of writing the blog... and Bam! First Ellie, then Mac, now Kurt...

Don't know that I can prod Caine into writing one. Lee and Sam have thrown up their hands in total horror at the mere thought of writing.


Might have to be me next!!

I am not contrary...not, I tell you!

(we ARE twins.)

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I see you...

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