Sunday, July 25, 2010

bits and bytes continued

Okay so further to my last blog regarding bytes.

Sara J Henry did make a good point. I could add byte to pretty much any word the only problem with that is the losing of my computer term references.
I'm surprisingly okay with that today. 

So I've been playing with words that encompass the fourth book (and so on.)

I'm keeping Exacerbyte: note the spelling, which I think is how I had intended to spell it earlier... it works for me, it works for the story. None of my tiles are real words and that is how I like it but they are based on real words or computer terms that happen to sound kinda like real words. :-)

Now, the fun... actually not fun, it's been driving me in-freaking-sane all weekend. 
1.  Splinterbyte
2.  Obliterbyte
3.  Eradibyte
4.  Imagebyte
5.  Murderbyte
6.  Slayerbyte
7.  Deadbyte
8.  Psychobyte (Dionne's offering)
9.  Horrorbyte
10. Dreadbyte
11. Dangerbyte
12. Vanishbyte
13. Picturebyte
14. Shatterbyte
15. Gamebyte
16. Terminbyte
17. Mortalbyte
18. Flashbyte
19. Burnbyte
20. Snakebyte (The tequila reference is too hard to resist... thanks Turner! xx)

I have tried very hard not to add masterbyte to that list! I would appreciate it if no one else added it too. :D

Come join the fun and let me know which you prefer! 

My preferences so far are... Splinterbyte, Slayerbyte, Flashbyte  (book 4) I'm leaning close to Flashbyte.

Very close.

Very very close.


Anonymous said...

I like Flashbyte, Snakebyte, Slayerbyte, and Deadbyte. Pretty cool titles!

Cat Connor said...

YAY! If anyone needs to like them apart from me, tis you!!


I'm really pulled to Flashbyte for the 4th book. But Deadbyte, Slayerbyte and Snakebyte all feel like they wanna come live here... so does Splinterbyte - every time I say it I see a terror cell. My mind is a weird place!

I see you...

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