Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The beginnings of a book trailer

It's that time again. When I start thinking about scenes and compiling a collection of still photographs and short film sequences - so the annoyance can begin. 

Some would call it a book trailer - but they probably don't live with someone who puts things off and leaves things until the last minute and then drives you crazy about the whole thing.*

I thought maybe this time I could learn to edit the thing myself. If I start now - I might have it sussed by the time I'm ready for it to hit the world. (Or not, last time the whole thing drove me insane and I declared it too much for me to do on top of everything else but sadly that meant I was stuck with a trailer I hate and that felt rushed because of the above... see *.)

So anyway - with a camera that is now playing up so badly I had to delete pictures almost before I'd started... I have taken the first few film clips and a bunch of stills.

Ideally I'd like a shot of a large jet taking off from Dulles, and a similar one landing at Auckland, and leaving from Christchurch. But I think that might be mission impossible. (Along with a few stills of outside Oakton High School in northern Virginia, and a shot of the Navy Yard in DC.)
Also need a shot of the outside of the AMI stadium in Christchurch but we didn't have time to get lost trying to find it, last weekend.
I was tempted to move setting from Christchurch to Wellington because it's a helluva lot easier for me to take the required photo's up here. But I'll manage - might have to fudge a few pictures and hope no one notices.

Soon I will start looking for just the right piece of music. Creepy and suspenseful.

Cross something and hope I can pull this off without needing the help of the man, cos that just stresses me out as time ticks and nothing happens! :D

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