Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weird lights, new jeans, a night of fun

Happy Saturday night!

Yes it's the weekend, AGAIN.

So today I bought new jeans (yes I know you want to know about the weird lights... patience!) - not skinny jeans but straight legged jeans - so close but no cigar. They're nice, grayish and they fit great. I love em. Seems I have dropped a size in jeans. Truly marvelous.

Admins One and Bubbles plus Dionne and Tim and kids came for dinner tonight. We all cooked part of the meal. Was great fun - much port was consumed and it was chased by a bottle of Chardonnay. We'll know how wise that was come morning. I doubt I will have a voice tomorrow. We laughed. We laughed until we almost cried.

The really cool thing - signing books.

Yep. Admins books arrived, so the text yesterday asking if we were home this weekend was driven by an ulterior motive. Not that I minded. It's pretty freaking cool signing books. Hard part is thinking what to say... can get tricky!

Okay so the search light in the sky ABOVE the clouds is really freaky. Thoughts of aliens and Independence Day weren't far from our minds as we watched this light move back and forth across the sky - quickly I might add. No clue what it is. Except the beam is not coming from here. It's above the clouds. It moves quite fast. And there is zero noise.


Very Disconcerting.


Cat Connor said...

Turns out Port and Chardonnay are perfectly fine together. No ill effects from the nights revelry at all.

No word on the weird light in the sky either. So glad four of us plus the kids saw it - so we KNOW it happened.

Karen from Mentor said...

Geese wearing mining helmets?

Cat Connor said...

Maybe... then today FOUR army trucks went by. The soldiers in the back were wearing camouflage makeup, just like their fabulous clothes and carrying rifles. Comforting.

I see you...

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