Friday, June 4, 2010

Wanna end up dead in a novel?

Then don't screw with a thriller author.
Quite simple really.

Earlier this year a major cell service provider here in New Zealand failed over and over again. Their new system was so full of glitches and bugs that it simply failed to work a lot of the time.
When it's hitting home like that... two members of the household unable to call or text, it makes a person wonder about the consequences.
I know damn well neither of them could make emergency calls during the outages. Sometimes the phones were useless for days.
So - during the height of the failure a twist developed in my mind and it ended up in book 3. I don't mention the company name. There is no need. It's not the first time a telephone company has had major faults - worldwide. It just happened to coincide with something I was working on.

Now - lately the issue has been with parcels, not arriving on time, or not arriving at all. It's not a new issue. I'm still waiting for very expensive lingerie that was my birthday present three years ago. Never arrived. I'm guessing someone's girlfriend/wife had an awesome Christmas that year.
It is however an annoyance.
So much so... that I feel a new spin on book 4 approaching.
I'd long believed book 4 was in fact 5 and recently had that confirmed and started what will be book 4. (it's not confusing really)
What I've been looking for emerged on Twitter today. My twisted mind combined with slack-assed postal service.
(Yeah - still waiting on the author copies of KILLERBYTE. After discovering that TERRORBYTE was in the country 6 days before I received it, I believe they made the box walk down from Auckland. It's the only plausible explanation. I'm expecting the same or similar torture for KILLERBYTE. Just so long as it doesn't involve waterboarding, cos I don't want soggy books!!)
Looks like book 4 will involve parcels - parts of postal workers, or parts of others... not sure yet. But it'll be fun.


Anthony J Langford said...

Haha - I do that too!
yes, its a good revenge act.. and they deserve it!!

whatever happened to service?
doesnt exist anymore..

Cat Connor said...

Service, ha! Lack of service is my pet peeve of the year!
And quite frankly it sucks.

It's spread like a plague.

The only store I enjoy shopping in is Hallensteins - damn I wish they sold girls/womens clothes cos they understand service.
(Especially in Lower Hutt/Queensgate store.)

And everyone knows I love Vista Print - cos their service is most fabulous!

Short list of awesome, huh?

Hagelrat said...

Interestingly the more we become a service industry (rather than actually producing stuff) the worse that service gets. I think it's because now being a shop girl isn't a skilled job with a modelling element, it's as till monkey, faceless and dull. Where is the personal investment in a store's reputation?

Cat Connor said...

I think what's lacking is loyalty - which I guess is part of the personal investment in the store people work in.


Like a whole generation has missed the point!!

I see you...

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