Friday, June 11, 2010

re-posting death in the morning

Pretty sure it's Thursday today. I know this because the rubbish truck came this morning. That also means I got up extra early and cleaned the rabbit hutch... cos no one wants rabbit pee soaked kitty litter sitting in a garbage bin for longer than five minutes. It's the most disgusting thing ever.

Now that you all know how my day started - on with the death.

I asked this on FaceBook

New book titled Exhibyte. Oh so fitting. Now to hack someone to pieces. Kiwi or american? You choose. I have no preference.

And crikey I got some interesting responses - this will be the first death in Exhibyte. 
Turns out I'm about to hack up a Canadian with some kind of kiwi connection. The Canadian in question lives in NYC. So suspecting the death happened while on vacation. And she ended up being posted home. Of course, I think, we all know she's currently employed as a postal worker. (Her name incidentally will be Quinn.)

So that's how my late afternoon will go - before the hacking and the posting, I get to have coffee with Dionne and Miss Molly get's to play with Miss Breezy. 
The men folk have Black Roll tonight - yes that's when they get geared up and go practice breaching rooms/buildings and so forth - then run about trying and find terrorists in the dark. I know it sounds like much fun. The weapons alone are what wet dreams are made of.

Breezy took this picture yesterday - she said it wasn't fair that I was hiding behind my books. Considering the lack of makeup and the tiredness I think it was more than fair! :-)

Yes I re-posted this - because some fucktard left a comment about hacking into peoples accounts and I could not figure out how to kill it without killing the entire post.
So for you regular people who like to comment, I'm really sorry but I am now moderating comments.

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