Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One never can tell

Wednesday is upon us.
Mid-week already.

So far this week hasn't been terribly productive.

I feel like I should've done more writing wise - something, anything really. But I've successfully ignored the pull toward the current WIP - haven't even really ignored it. Haven't felt it.

Have friend coming over this afternoon - seriously considering cancelling - the last thing I want to do is talk writing/story ideas/current WIP.

There is obviously something peculating in my mind at the moment - it's a delicate balance. When whatever it is cements into whatever it's going to become I know I'll be writing flat out. Until then... I don't want the process clouded by other people thoughts, ideas, excitement over stories, I don't want to talk writing.

Okay, re-scheduled to next week. That was easy.

Book 3 is with my lovely editor, am hoping it now satisfies her blood lust. :)

I think I have a headache.

An email confused me this morning. It's thrown my day into a weird spin. I don't understand what the person meant because it really made no sense. Despite knowing it makes no sense it still irks me. lol

Righto then I shall go watch this police operation that seems to be taking place in my street. Three cars so far. The road blocked at our end. This could be fun!!

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