Thursday, June 17, 2010

NCIS night

Thursday already!

Gosh the week has flown by.

Tonight is girls night. That's right. Breezy gets to stay up until eight-thirty. She goes to bed at six-thirty normally, so this is a big deal. We have popcorn. It's fun watching NCIS with Breezy. The entire hour is spent explaining things and reminding her that they're actors, therefore it's not real. She really likes Abbey and of course Gibbs.

Meanwhile I'm getting used to typing on my laptop. It's actually a helluva lot easier to get used to than my desk top was last year. New keyboard meant I was forever hitting caps lock and opening things I didn't mean too. Haven't done that at all on this, so it's pretty good really!

Enjoying the mobility.

Not that I'm doing much on it at the moment. More sewing and crafty stuff than work this week.

Although this morning I read this groovy interview with Lorenza Ponce (I shall find the link - one sec)
that was interesting. Who knew I couldn't remember how to right click without a mouse and highlight and stuff? Yes I worked it out!
So anyway - I read the interview and immediately thought about one of my new characters. Rowan Grange - rock star. He is quite the puzzle for me. It's such a different world. So then I thought about Lorenza and was incredibly cheeky... I asked if I could pick her brain. She said I could. Cos she's awesome. :-) Of course she may be sorry once she reads the marathon email! lol

Must remember to use the pg up etc keys and arrows.. so much easier than the mouse pad thingy whatsit.

Almost NCIS time... y'all have fun now ya hear?

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