Sunday, June 13, 2010

Late Sunday afternoon

It's late Sunday afternoon (In case you hadn't guessed),  the curtain by my desk is twitching. The Great Grey Hunter is sitting on the windowsill glaring at the few birds who have braved the rain and the bitterly cold wind to pull worms out of the lawn.

I can see why she's watching - there really isn't a lot else to do on a day like today. Well, if you don't have opposable thumbs that is.

Today started with an early morning read of yesterdays writing, and tweaking it a little. I'm quite pleased with it so far. Very much enjoying writing an entirely new story - this one is fun. It's twisted from the get go and then the real case shows up. :D

I stopped working on the story when Dionne dropped her kids off. It didn't seem right to have something so creepy and bloody on my screen with impressionable children about. Ours are used to it. :-)

The ensuing break became sewing time... I came up with a bag design I kinda like - managed to screw it up right away and have to unpick the bottom of the prototype - which wasn't as successful as it could have been... so the prototype ended up two inches smaller than it was supposed to be.
That's okay.
I made another one. Then discovered thermal backed fabric doesn't so much enjoy being ironed. We'll remember that. No fabric paint on this one then... have to come up with something else. Made a different type of bag... not sure what the fabric is. (This is why I should wear my glasses in fabric stores) BUT it's not keen on the iron either... think I'll embroider on this one.
After today's experiments I'm so pleased Dionne and I brought some Duck.. .that is 100% cotton, loves being ironed and really revels in fabric ink. :D Whew!
Cos ya see, we came up with some clever ideas on Friday night...
You'll just have to wait and see.

Time for a quick fondle of KILLERBYTE and TERRORBYTE cos they're so shiny and pretty.
have you bought them yet? No?
Oh you are silly... off you go...

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