Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's good to be me today.

Some days just need to sit…
I think today is one of those days.

For whatever reason my main email account keep signing me out... worked fine first thing this morning when I received the contract for EXACERBYTE. But since then every time I've gone to check my mail I've had to sign back in. Which is an utter pain in the ass, I can't remember that password cos it makes NO sense at all. Random letters and numbers.
I have to look it up EVERY time.

So - leave the email alone, seems to be the way to go. :D

The house is mostly-clean and tidyish.

My laptop is still upstairs from last night’s late writing effort. Was pretty good actually.
Interesting development with a character. Didn't see it coming. I like that. I need my characters to surprise me occasionally, and they do.

Just lately I've been way more proactive on Twitter... or maybe I've just been letting myself behave as I usually do. Either way, I'm really enjoying it. It's fun chatting with all manner of people. 

Today I feel noisy. 

Listening to Bon Jovi, kinda loud. 

Loving the contract on my desk and loving the new book I'm writing. 
It's a good day to be me.

I've come a long way since Jan 09. 

It's freaking awesome. And YES I AM HAVING FUN. 
It's so much fun, it should be illegal.

Oh and Bon Jovi are coming to Wellington in Dec. So guess what my birthday present is this year?? That's right, tickets. They won't be front row, or even ground... most likely way up in the nose bleed section... but it matters not, it's not about the seat, is about being there. It’s about having fun.

Now go smile at someone, and have some fun. xx


Karen from Mentor said...

*gleam* *ting*

That's what it sounds like when the light bounces off my pearly whites from smiling at you.

VERY late last night I sent you a video of jon with a rather... how shall I put it ...indelicate ...ok, a downright dirty comment that delighted the hell out of me and that I expected would delight you.

Wondered why I didn't get up to you whooping. Now I know. YOUR EMAIL IS ON THE FRITZ...I can stand down from the worry that the strange things in the night sky abducted you.

as you were.

Cat Connor said...

Ohhh I did get to see the video this morning. You're so right about that expression... delighted the hell out of me too. :-)

I see you...

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