Monday, June 7, 2010

Get a clue, I'm over re-hashed movies people!

It's Monday.
But it's a holiday Monday, so life is not as it should be.

While I was drying my hair I had a blog idea. Usually I have partial story ideas for whatever I'm currently working on - but today a blog idea.

Quick show of hands: How many of you are tired of the current trend in movies - re-making old one, some that were great and really should've been left alone - some that were crap, and really re-making it? - and the ever popular let's-make-a-move-from-an-old-TV-show.


For Gods sake - get a new idea.

In fact let me help!

You- movie studios - read these two books, killerbyte and terrorbyte - and make a decent action/suspense movie for a change! No need to re-hash stuff we've already seen, no need to resort to B grade TV shows (I know I was somewhat generous with my grading then). Step out of your sealed chambers and make a NEW movie.
Hell even my short stories would make awesome movies... cos quite frankly... they rock.

I don't want to see re-hashed shite.

I want something new and exciting and above all ENTERTAINING.

No more crappy handy-cam shite movies either.  Not interested in paying to get motion sickness. Don't care how clever you all think you are. It's not fun, it's not clever, it's down right vomit inducing. That is all.

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